Located at 3435 Pembina Highway near the South Perimeter of Winnipeg, Terrasse Boisjoli is Winnipeg's newest, modern apartment complex. Designed by the award-winning architectural firm, 5468796 Architecture Inc, Terrasse Boisjoli is a bold statement in contemporary architecture and design. Slanted vertical lines and varying angles defy the shape that is stereotypical of everyday apartment blocks. Unique private balconies and white window wells contrast spectacularly with the black façade which shrouds the five storeys of residential units. Grey concrete and glass anchor the structure and house the commercial space of this mixed-use beauty. Terrasse Boisjoli is a construction for 21st century living and beyond.

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Our Neighbourhood

Terrasse Boisjoli is in the heart of St. Norbert, a French and English bilingual neighbourhood at the southernmost part of Winnipeg. It is home to the Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage park where lovers of culture can enjoy outdoor performances of Shakespeare during summer months. St. Norbert is also famous for its Le Marche St. Norbert Farmers’ Market which is open year round and held directly across from Terrasse Boisjoli.

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What people say

Councilor Janice Lukes

"Perfect for "young professionals, students attending the U of M, and those desiring a unique "city/rural experience""

Danielle Da Silva

"A novel, Parisian-inspired residential development in St. Norbert."

Enterprise Riel

"A unique apartment complex… which will contribute to our densification strategy for St-Norbert and enhance the viability of local businesses."